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WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Discover the Windows Azure Services Platform

Thanks to all of those who attended my MSDN webcast entitled “Discover the Windows Azure Services Platform” that I delivered on January 28th (click here to see a reply of the webcast).  I had a pretty lively audience who asked some great questions! There was one question in particular that was asked by an attendee around and issue he was experiencing with .NET Services that I promised to get an answer to by pinging some...


COOL SAMPLE: Wikipedia Explorer built on WPF and Windows Azure

Dot Net Solutions recently released a new version of its Wikipedia Explorer application built on top of Windows Azure. The project is about visualizing relationships between documents within Wikipedia and features a cool user interface built on Windows Presentation Foundation. To learn more about this great sample application, head over to Dot Net Solutions’ website.  You can actually download and run the application (via ClickOnce) here.


Azure Issue Tracker Sample Application (Standard Edition) Released On CodePlex

The Azure Issue Tracker application is a sample application that allows users to capture and track various types of issues. This sample demonstrates a real-world SaaS architecture and scenario using the Azure Services Platform to perform federation and multi-tenancy. Technologies used include the Access Control service (part of .NET Services) as well as SQL Data Services (part of SQL Services). This sample is being released in two versions: Standard and Enterprise. The Standard version allows...


Updated Windows Azure and Tools for Visual Studio SDKs Recently Released

The Azure Services Platform Team has recently released an update to the Windows Azure SDK and Visual Studio Tools. These latest releases are available here: Windows Azure SDK: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=130232 Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=128752 The updated SDKs include: Bug and performance fixes Improved integration with Visual Studio Performance improvements with execution and debugging scenarios Improvements to Storage Client and ASP.Net provider samples Added support to debug Silverlight in a web role


Microsoft Research Inspires. PDC Day #3 Recap

To read my PDC recaps from Days 1 & 2, click on the links below: Windows Azure Unveiled. PDC Day #1 Recap Windows 7 is Coming! PDC Day #2 Recap Rick Rashid, Senior VP of Microsoft Research gave the keynote today.  In his keynote, he proceeded to review the MSR organization and went down a lengthy resume of MSR accomplishments, areas of investigation and research, and strategic direction moving forward.  In his opening remarks Rashid briefly discussed...

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