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Google Apps vs. Office 365: your choice, but don’t be misinformed… (Part 1)

This is first installment of a multi-part blog series (read Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4 and Part 5) where I review an article entitled “Google Apps vs. Office 365: your choice” where I provide a different perspective in this ongoing battle for dominance in the cloud between Google and Microsoft. We all live in a world of choice. The power of choice is a freedom that we hold dear. But with that power,...


My thoughts on the question of whether Microsoft SharePoint can support Social Networking

I was recently asked to comment on a blog post written by independent blogger, Ken Graetz, who is the eLearning Officer and Director of the Winona State University in MN, who pointed out some key distinctions between SharePoint Produdcts & Technologies and the popular social networking platform, Ning.  In Mr. Graetz post, he calls out the following distinctions between Ning and SharePoint: Ning sites offer many more social networking than SharePoint sites. In other words,...


Patterns & Practices Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010 Released

The Microsoft patterns & practices team has recently released Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010 Guidance. What’s in Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010?     Component Description The guide “Application Foundations for SharePoint 2010” describes approaches you can use to address the challenges of testability, flexibility, configuration, logging and exception handling, and maintainability; it also explains how to use the SharePoint Guidance Library components in these areas. “Execution Models in SharePoint 2010” provides deep technical insights...


SharePoint Web Part Visibility Filter Web Part

I was recently contacted through my blog with a question on how to dynamically hide/show a web part on a web part page based on a user’s selection of a UI element on the page.  While there’s several methods you could employ to perform this task, one nice, neat implementation that you could leverage is posted up on our CodePlex site called the SharePoint Web Part Visibility Filter Web Part. Through the implementation of this web...


Track Stimulus Spending with SharePoint… new Recovery.gov site LIVE on SharePoint Server 2007

One of the cool aspects of working at Microsoft is the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects.  It’s truly been a pleasure working on some great internet facing SharePoint websites that showcase the platform’s ability to service some of the internet’s most demanding websites and show it’s effectiveness as a web content management platform. Today, the newly redesigned/re-architected Recovery.gov website that’s running completely on SharePoint Server 2007 was launched! Recovery.gov is a government website...

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