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Integrating SharePoint Server 2007 with Community Server Membership Databases

I’ve posted in the past my up and down feelings about Telligent System’s Community Server platform.  Over the past few years, I’ve seen it grow into a very solid product, and have commended Rob (via e-mail) on the fantastic job he and his firm have done in bringing Community Server to market. But what has always stuck with me with regards to Community Server are the many similarities in functionality with SharePoint Products & Technologies and how I’ve always...


Community Server Letdown (Reloaded)

It appears that my original post regarding my disappointment in the current beta of Telligent Systems' Community Server solution has sparked a lot of good commentary from bloggers in the community.  And although I've not met him yet, being the class act I'm sure he is, Rob Howard chimed in with his two cents.  As I mentioned in my original post, I knew that those guys are committed to delivering quality product.  I'm glad Rob...


Community Server Letdown

Over the past couple weeks, I've been playing around with Beta 3 of Telligent Systems open-source "collaboration and knowledge management platform", Community Server, and quite frankly I'm a little disappointed.  Community Server is not so much a v1.0 product as it is a combination of vN.N (where N.N is the latest version) of the 3 products that comprise its application architecture (CS::Forums, CS::Blogs, and CS::Gallery). Because this open-source project has been cooking for some time...

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