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Distributed Agile Development at Microsoft Patterns & Practices Whitepaper Published

  Distributed Agile Development at Microsoft Patterns & Practices (white paper) + Agile Development Showcase Quick Links Agile Development Showcase Site Whitepaper Download (PDF) White Paper Abstract Distributed development is a fact of life for many teams. Unfortunately most agile methodologies or approaches assume that the team is located in a single team room. Until recently there has been little guidance about how to apply these approaches with a geographically dispersed team. Microsoft’s patterns &...


Microsoft Research Inspires. PDC Day #3 Recap

To read my PDC recaps from Days 1 & 2, click on the links below: Windows Azure Unveiled. PDC Day #1 Recap Windows 7 is Coming! PDC Day #2 Recap Rick Rashid, Senior VP of Microsoft Research gave the keynote today.  In his keynote, he proceeded to review the MSR organization and went down a lengthy resume of MSR accomplishments, areas of investigation and research, and strategic direction moving forward.  In his opening remarks Rashid briefly discussed...


Windows 7 is Coming. PDC Day #2 Recap

  To read my PDC Day 1 recap, click here. Ray Ozzie once again kicked off the keynotes for the day.  Today, the focus was on the client and the Live Services component of the Windows Azure platform.  In his opening remarks, Ozzie further solidified our story around the integration of the PC/Web/Phone and how our strategy will fundamentally change how we as consumers interact with these devices and that consumers demands for this type of...


Windows Azure Unveiled. PDC Day #1 Recap

A lot of exciting things came out of day #1 at the PDC.  I’m sure you’ve already started to see/hear about the great technology that we are unveiling.  During the keynote, I saw laptops being pulled out and I’m quite sure there are tons of blogging going on in the blogosphere Today, Ray Ozzie kicked off the 2008 PDC with a keynote that basically laid the foundation of our software plus services strategy and highlighted...


Microsoft Web Platform Beta

Last week, we officially launched the beta release of the Microsoft Web Platform, which includes the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WebPI), and the Microsoft Web Application Installer (WebAI). The “Web Platform Installer” is a download manager that drastrically simplifies the download process and installation of the Microsoft Web Platform. The “Web Application Installer” enables the installation of several popular Open Source applications to run on top of Windows. The installers are available for download from...

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