Google Apps vs. Office 365: your choice, but don’t be misinformed… (Part 4)

This is fourth installment of a multi-part blog series (read Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 5) where I review an article entitled “Google Apps vs. Office 365: your choice” where I provide a different perspective in this ongoing battle for dominance in the cloud between Google and Microsoft.

collaborateHere we cover collaboration capabilities within the respective cloud offerings from Google and Microsoft.  Collaboration is defined as working together to achieve a common goal.  Document sharing is part of collaboration activities, but it in itself is not collaboration. Mr. Nauges article suggests that Google Apps has better collaboration capabilities.  So I suppose that capabilities such as:

  • Integration between Office Web Applications and Office desktop productivity suite (supporting rich documents, offline editing, and document co-authoring)
  • Simple setup experience
  • Instant Messaging, Presence Awareness
  • Voice/Video/Web Conferencing (including multi-party online meeting and video conferencing capabilities)
  • E-mail/Voicemail
  • E-mail Archival/Retention

don’t really make Microsoft a viable competitor here Smile This is not to bash Google Apps, because for many organizations that need a quick collaboration solution with a basic set of capabilities in order to conduct day-to-day business tasks, Google Apps could certainly be a viable choice.  However, the point here is while it is your choice, based on what your needs are, don’t be misinformed. Get the facts. By the way, how long was Google Apps in “Beta”?

The cost comparison cited in Mr. Nagues article doesn’t quite cover ALL of the costs associated with the respective solutions.  Here’s some additional information, with respect to the costs of the solutions that you, dear reader, may want to take into consideration, as it’s always wise to look before you leap.

Stay tuned to the next (and last) post in this series around platform complexity and round out with my final synopsis.

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