Google Apps vs. Office 365: your choice, but don’t be misinformed… (Part 1)

This is first installment of a multi-part blog series (read Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4 and Part 5) where I review an article entitled “Google Apps vs. Office 365: your choice” where I provide a different perspective in this ongoing battle for dominance in the cloud between Google and Microsoft.

We all live in a world of choice. The power of choice is a freedom that we hold dear. But with that power, comes great responsibility. Choosing the right cloud computing strategy is no small undertaking. The proverbial “acronym soup” (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) coupled with the tremendous of amount of technical jargon and promises by cloud computing platform providers have “clouded” (no pun intended) the true vision and intent of cloud computing and the benefits it can bring to consumers and organizations.

It’s no secret that the promise of the cloud has fundamentally shaped our industry. We’re now starting to see “the cloud” making its way into mainstream media, with commercials now airing on television talking about the power of the cloud and how it was enabled someone to access their photos or recover their documents. Leading cloud vendors have begun to capitalize on the cloud computing wave and are all fighting for dominance in what will be one of, if not the biggest technical innovation since the creation of the personal computer when it’s benefits are truly realized that maturity of cloud computing offerings reach a stage of maturity where they are viewed as the “default” technology decision rather than just being an “option”.

I also find it interesting how industry analysts, technology “purists”, and general instigators view this phenomenon and jump at the opportunity to inject their opinions to stir the cloud pot and spark a new age of thinking with regards to the cloud and how consumers and organizations alike should view it. The marketing attacks and guerilla sales tactics that get launched against cloud solution vendors and providers with the intent of bolstering the capabilities of one platform over another is growing at a feverish pace, and it is this type of activity that has masked the true potential of the cloud and how we all can take advantage of the new capabilities it brings, new markets it helps spark, and new modes of innovating thinking it fosters.

googleappsTake for example business collaboration and information sharing. It is apparent, having recently read Google Apps vs. Office 365: your choice, that the two leading cloud-based information worker productivity platform offerings from Google and Microsoft (Google Apps and Office 365 respectively) are making tremendous waves within the tech industry.

office365What I find intriguing though is that you never seem to get an unbiased view of the technology offerings. Louis Nauges, chief cloud evangelist of a Google Apps integrator, provides us with an insightful blog post of the pros and cons of the respective platform offerings. However, after reading the post, one would think that it’s more of the pros of Google Apps and the cons of Office 365 versus a down the middle, unbiased comparison of the two platform offerings.

At the end of the day, CIOs, CFOs, and your average consumer are looking for the right tool for the job that provides the most cost effective, cost savings per feature perspective of the solution offerings and not just get what one product can deliver over another without any sound reasoning as to why that’s good or bad. Exploring Mr. Nauges article a bit further, I’d like to break down each one of this points in future posts in this multi-part blog series and offer a different perspective and reiterate the charge in both the title of Mr. Nauges article, and mine, that the “choice” is truly yours, dear reader, and not influenced by one of the solution providers that were surprisingly depicted as organizations who wanted to make a quick buck (which is ironic considering the original article was written by a Google Apps solution provider, but I digress Smile)


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