My “Big” Announcement

It was recently brought to my attention that I didn’t really make the big announcement (or “big” from my perspective 🙂  A little over a year ago, I posted about a project I worked on to redeploy a highly visible governent website built on top of SharePoint Products & Technologies and hosted on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) platform.  This project served as a showcase for how you can deploy a massively scalable SharePoint architecture leveraging cloud computing (read more about the effort here)

I worked closely with the Microsoft Gold partner responsible for the implementation, Synteractive Coporation, and basically was able to do something unprecendented as it relates to deploying highly trafficked internet websites on the SharePoint platform.  Synteractive has a team of some incredibly talented folks and it was definitely a pleasure working with them to deliver this fantastic website.

While I knew that the Synteractive team equally enjoyed working with me, little did I know that they were eager to get me to join their team! 🙂  For anyone who knows me, they know that without a shadow of doubt, I’m probably one of the biggest advocates of Microsoft products and technologies and have had a long standing career in delivering Microsoft solutions, so much so, that I spent the past almost 6 years employed at Microsoft helping customers define new solution architectures that exploit best-in-breed Microsoft technologies.  Well, apparently, Evan Burfield, CEO of Synteractive, and members of the Synteractive team, knew this as well and wanted those skillsets within the walls of Synteractive.

So, all of this being said, my “big” announcement is that I accepted a position with Synteractive as their Public Sector Chief Technology Officer (been there since mid-October 2010)responsible for driving technology strategy and architecture within their Public Sector business, which constitutes a signifcant portion of the company’s business.  Synteractive has some tremendous opportunities to reshape how technology innovation can be infused with business strategy to deliver compelling solutions to some of the toughest business challenges and our vision and approach to tackling these challenges will be game changing.  While it was a difficult decision in leaving Microsoft, this opportunity still allows me to ensure we do our part to secure the success of the Microsoft platform and continue upon Synteractive’s mission of solving the really big problems in the world involving social and technological innovation.

Although my employment status has changed, the focus of this blog hasn’t.  As a matter of fact, we got so many hot opportunities going on at Synteractive, I can’t wait to start talking about them! So stay tuned!

Oh yeah, did I mention we’re STILL HIRING!

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