WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Discover the Windows Azure Services Platform

Thanks to all of those who attended my MSDN webcast entitled “Discover the Windows Azure Services Platform” that I delivered on January 28th (click here to see a reply of the webcast).  I had a pretty lively audience who asked some great questions!

There was one question in particular that was asked by an attendee around and issue he was experiencing with .NET Services that I promised to get an answer to by pinging some folks from the .NET Services Product Team.  Well, I have his answer, and I promised my audience that I’d post it on my blog.  The question that was asked was the following:

“I understand at this time,with the Service Bus the registration of my Service in the Service Registry times out and is deleted after a few minutes. When will this change and Service registrations remain active in the Registry?”

Fortunately, I was able to get an answer from Clemens Vasters, who works as a Senior Technical Lead on the .NET Services Team:

“One of the issues here is that we don’t want to turn the registry into an easily approachable and sticky spam magnet (that the former public UDDI registries unfortunately degenerated into) while the service is effectively free-for-all. We are currently allowing for 15 minutes (which is obviously too short) and will extend the TTL for those entries upwards to 1-2 days in the next CTP. In the released product we will allow for significantly longer TTLs for production accounts.”

So there you have it.  Straight from the “horses mouth”!  Clemens is a great guy and I sincerely appreciated him chiming in and answering this great question.

Again, thanks to all who attended the webcast!

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