Monthly Archive: July 2008


Architect Panel Discussion released to TechEd Online

An interesting panel discussion video was recently released to the TechEd Online Library that focuses on extending the role/disciplines of the Architect into the area of providing mentoring. Taken from the TechEd Online Library: “There are many disciplines that a software architect must master in order to do the job: requirements definition, use cases, modeling, layering, object orientation, service orientation, methodologies, and so on. In addition, as we are typically project leaders, we are usually tasked...


The return of .NET Terrarium

Few sample .NET applications have had more impact on the .NET development community than the Terrarium sample application that was released during the version 1.0 release cycle of the .NET Framework.  This solution created a community of .NET enthusiasts that far exceeded the expectations of the .NET Framework team.  It showcased a “production-level” end-to-end reference solution that highlighted key features of the .NET Framework and showcased the power and creativity .NET can bring to software development. ...


Microsoft Application Request Routing for IIS7 CTP1 recently released

Application Request Routing for IIS7 is a proxy based routing module that forwards HTTP requests to content servers based on HTTP headers and server variables, and load balance algorithms.  Application Request Routing can be used to: Increase application availability and scalability. Better utilize content server resources. Facilitate application deployment including pilot management and A/B testing. Lower management costs and create opportunities for shared hosters. Application Request Routing relies on URL rewrite module to inspect the...


P&P ships Composite Application Guidance for WPF

The Patterns & Practices team has recently released the Composite Application Guidance for WPF which provides guidance for “componetizing” the development of enterprise-class WPF applications across multiple development teams, with each team owning a piece of the application, and then seamlessly integrating these pieces into one homogenous application. Included in the guidance package is a reference implementation of WPF application, CFI Stock Trader, that models this guidance, reusable library code (called the Composite Application Library),...

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